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"The Island Builders" by Steve Peek, 2014

“He had a pretty good idea of where they had gone; the same place seven billion other people had gone in the last two years.” New islands appear overnight all over the world’s oceans and no one knows how they got there. Stranger still, no one can land on them… at least not at first. Then a few people begin disappearing… then more… and more. “The Island Builders” by Steve Peek certainly has a unique concept. It might seem more like fantasy then science-fiction—at first—but the people and entities in the book respond to the phenomenon in a realistic manner. The governments of the world are anxious to claim these New Lands, but the hero of the story, a physicist named Alex Gamble, must learn their secret if he hopes to bring back the missing millions. And when society begins to collapse, his goal is to survive and to protect the woman he’s come to love. Peek has compiled an interesting and unique idea. His characters and the situations they find themselves in are interesting. There are some nice bits of humor and action in this “end-of-the-world” adventure. Anyone wanting to read an original apocalyptic story should pick up this book. 4 Stars.

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