The Prisoner of Valathia - Guest Blog

The Prisoner of Valathia takes place after their escape from Tamerlane’s hi-tech prison, and the defeat of Darius Drake's apocalyptic plans for the humanoid home-worlds, Titanya the Pirate Queen joins Sylvan Silla Low in becoming an agent of the Alliance. Now partners, the brash, beautiful pirate queen, and the cowardly, chain-smoking elf, take on their first official mission together…investigate the hijack of a prototype military stealth craft and its connection to the mysterious owner of a small mining operation. What begins as a simple undercover mission soon becomes something far more sinister as they find themselves caught up in one man’s obsession with ancient forces powerful enoug

What the Sunshine Doesn't Show

“Lavender Blue” by John Huber, 2017 This book starts with a lengthy prolog set in 1936-37 Minnesota, where a young Catholic priest, Father Valenway, takes on a teaching position in a tiny, isolated school. Here the students are all American Indian children, removed from their native culture and force-fed prayer and paddlings until they conform to the doctrines of Rome. Valenway means the best—or he thinks he does. But really, the children are all so different, so dirty, and so... red. His diary shows how he can barely refrain from shuddering at the sight and smell of these alien creatures he must teach. Especially one. Especially Cynathryth, the problem child. She curses, she bites, and

Adara's Journey

“Demon Bringer” Book 1 of the Darkshield series, 2015 by Kathe Todd Young Adara strikes out for the wide world in search of revenge on the evil wizard whose minions murdered her parents as a child. Along the way she meets Ferdyn, an adventurer. Immediately, feelings of yearning ignite between these two. Once the premise is established, the story slows to a leisurely pace. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In the greatest fantasy novel ever written, the evil wizard never appears. This is a work of fantasy, with orcs and magic and such. In an attempt to create a pseudo-medieval world, the dialog should indicate that era. Phrases like “Just drink it slowly, or you may make yourself sic

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