A Stroll Down to the Haunted House

“The Villa” by M. Warnasuriya, 2020 The book starts with a relaxed pace and maintains it throughout. Our heroes, Susan and Jason, are just the nicest people. He's a doctor and she's a housewife. We get to follow them through their many domestic activities. The strongest curse uttered is “Oh my goodness!” Then the mysterious caretaker, Norton, is introduced in Chapter 4. Apparitions begin flitting throughout the house and grounds. When a woman goes missing we know these ghosts mean business. The caretaker becomes surly and makes vague threats but neither Susan or Jason will consider firing him. The way any sane person would. Taking place in 1991, the lack of computers and Internet searches in


“Writers in Lockdown” Edited by Faith Jones, 2020 (Confession: I'm one of the authors listed herein. My review is about the other stories in the book.) “Lockdown” has something for everyone, ranging from sword & sorcery to science-fiction, from horror to humor, and from fantasy to modern suspense. Although the anthology has no particular theme beyond the time period in which it was written, the events of our time made its way into six of the stories. The Trout Ticklers: Well, a 74-word, run-on sentence is perhaps not the best way to begin any story, let alone a book. That's a shame, because there's a real charm to the opening story in this collection and its characters. I especially love the

A Beautiful and Deadly Book

“From the Stars... A Vampiress” by Steven A. Roman, 2020 A big Vampirella fan since I was a child (some would say I was too young to be seeing such things), I dove right into this authoritative book about the most famous of female vampires. Yeah, take that, Carmilla. I've known Steve Roman for twenty plus years, back in his Lorelei days, when I was writing and drawing my Cassiopeia the Witch series. As I recall, we even entertained the thought of a crossover that never got very far. I forget why. While reading Steve's book, I did have to stop and research the DuBay-King lawsuit, as this was mentioned but was not really relevant to the subject at hand. But I quickly got back to the luscious s

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