Grave Matters

“GraveWalker” by John Huber, 2017 Here is another tale of devilry from John Huber. This one is set in the Old West, where men were men and little girls were demons. If I told you that “GraveWalker” was a story about a zombie apocalypse and the hero is a tough-as-nails zombie killer, I would be doing the book a great disservice. This book may use those tropes, but it goes much deeper and rises to greater heights. Rooted deeply in the Christian Mythos, this is a book about a man and his faith in God, even though he knows his God is a liar. “GraveWalker” introduces a new kind of Undead. These are vampiric, or maybe they're like modern zombies, feeding on the living. But they are invisible

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