Forget whimpy, apologetic vampires, afraid to draw blood.  THE LEGEND OF DRACULA makes vampires scary again!


I currently offer a Dracula Trilogy, showing you Vlad Dracula, reanimated as the psychopathic, bloodthirsty Lord of the Undead!  In the near future I’ll add more tales, more books, exploring all aspects of supernatural horror and diabolical terror!  Come back frequently to see what’s available next! 


For centuries, the name of Dracula has inspired men with terror… and inspired women with lust.  He is evil, he is seductive.  He is corruption incarnate and allure personified.


Everyone knows the story of the bloodthirsty despot of Walachia, Vlad the Impaler, who, during his reign, tortured and massacred tens of thousands of his own people.  His battles against the invading Turks made him a hero to his people and his atrocities made him a villain to the world.


Everyone has read the novel by Bram Stoker about the King-Vampire, or seen any number of its filmed adaptations.  From horror to comedy to adventure, the characters portrayed in its pages have gained an immortality of their own.


But between Vlad’s death in 1476 and his invasion of England in 1890, there lie four centuries.  What was Dracula doing during that time?  Was he up in his castle, lying in his coffin, just waiting for Jonathon Harker to show up?


This trilogy of books declares that answer to be: No!


Here you will read of Dracula’s dealings with the forces of Darkness, his promised reanimation, and his enslavement to the wizard who revived him.  You will stand beside him in his struggle against those myriad vampire lords who had ruled the Night for centuries—even millennia—prior.


You will see him expand his fledgling kingdom, and increase his unholy flock.  You will meet the many brides of Dracula—those seductive, inhuman beauties who serve him to spread his unnatural dominion.  You will feel their crimson lips gliding softly across your skin, softer than a summer’s breeze.  You will feel their fangs pierce your throat.


You will see the origin of Dracula… and his destruction.  And you will see beyond…

We live in an age when vampires are more relevant than ever.  In the LEGEND OF DRACULA, we offer you a chronicle of another age, another place, where fear of the Undead was an active concern.  And no vampire has ever inspired more fear than Dracula.


THE LEGEND OF DRACULA consists of three volumes: “Vampire Wars”, “The Brides of Dracula”, and “Dracula Arisen”.  Each book is available exclusively from Double-Dragon Publishing.  All three books are now available... but don't count out a fourth book down the line!


Check out my Chronology Page to see how these books fit together!



R.I.P. Sir Christopher Lee (1922-2015)


Imagine Vlad the Impaler, reanimated as a vampire, entering a world already populated with legions of night-stalkers!  Imagine how these undead lords and ladies would accept him, a new upstart, a rival to their centuries-old claims.  How would they respond?


They would tear him to shreds!  …Or die trying.


Filled with action, strategy, and scheming, the testosterone crowd will especially love this book!



For thousands of years, European vampires were mostly bestial, ravening brutes, hiding in moldering graveyards.  But upon his coming, Dracula, only those of noble blood and a ruling temperament would become a part of his Kingdom of the Night.  And, as the act of turning a victim into a vampire is intensely intimate, intensely sexual experience, he would only turn noblewomen.


No woman can resist Dracula--and some will love him forever!  Meet some of the many seductive beauties who would become a bride of Dracula, such as Elizabeth Bathory, Carmilla Karnstein, Lady Lenore, and Countess Dolingen.  Filled with romance (OK, undead romance) everyone will love this book, but especially the ladies.



Everyone knows the story of the bloodthirsty despot of Walachia, Vlad the Impaler, who, during his reign, tortured and massacred tens of thousands.  His battles against the invading Turks made him a hero to his people and his atrocities made him a villain to the world.  …But that was not the end!


Here is the origin of Dracula, his alliance with Ivan the Terrible, and his clashes with the Vordenburg clan.  And you will see his actions right up to Bram Stoker's novel!


All lovers of horror and action will enjoy reading this book!


Bram Stoker’s novel, “Dracula” was not the first horror story told about Vlad III the Impaler.  Even during his lifetime, German pamphleteers recounted Vlad’s numerous atrocities and the bloodcurdling stories were so popular they stayed in print, even after his death.  Ivan the Terrible, perhaps to justify his own reign of terror, published The Povesty, an account of Vlad’s deeds—and justified them!  Around 1800, the Romanian poet Ion Budai-Deleanu wrote the “Tiganiada”, an epic account in which Vlad forces the Gypsies to aid him against the invading Turks—and even has to reckon with ghouls and the vampire queen, Strigoica!  Since Stoker’s novel, new tales about the vampire Dracula have appeared in every possible medium: motion pictures, television shows, comic books, and computer games.