A Legend Amongst Legends

“The Days of Chivalry; Or, The Legend of Croquemitaine” written by Ernst L'Epine, 1863 translated by Tom Hood, 1866 illustrated by Gustave Doré “The Days of Chivalry; Or, the Legend of Croquemitaine” Written by Ernst L'Epine, 1863 Translated by Tom Hood, 1866 Illustrated by Gustave Doré Rarely has a book had so much history, so much mythology, so much mirth, so much tragedy, and so much controversy as “The Legend of Croquemitaine”. The book I read was online, available via the wonderful folks at Gutenberg. The original was written in France in 1863, and represented the mores of the time. It was illustrated with absolute relish by the incomparable Gustave Doré, and like many of his works,

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