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The Most Tame of Demons?

Madame Boogala #2

by Larry Johnson, 2023

It's always a treat to get a new copy of Madame Boogala, and issue number two of the full-sized reboot, is no exception. I enjoyed it of course, but I also thought it was in some ways very similar to stories Larry has done in the past. Also, the cover was a bit stiff and uninspired.

I did love the flashback and dream scenes in washed-out colors and the reoccurring images of Poreskoro as he periodically surveys events in the Earth-world, gloating and biding his time. That added a menacing quality to the story, like an omen, telling us something is going to happen. The ending, especially that final image of the demon, lets us know that Poreskoro is not done tormenting Boogala and Goomar.

The back-up features were fun too, especially Kurt Erichsen's article on Hungarian Gypsies and the colorized version of “Dancing Bear”.

3.5 stars.


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