More Vampires vs. Superheroes

“THE DAY GUARD” BOOK 4 of THE METAFRAME SERIES by Graeme Rodaughan Rodaughan’s ambitious nine-book series continues with The Day Guard. In this installment of the series we are introduced to a new threat; the Chameleons, a sort of combination Predator and snake-man (cf. Robert E. Howard’s “The Shadow Kingdom”). Chameleons and vampires are arch enemies, murdering each other for thousands of years. But then Chloe, our vampire heroine, runs into a pack of Chameleons for the first time in history and she’s like, “Wanna team up?” And they’re like “Sure, whatever.” Then they walk away, allies. Well, wasn’t that easy? I do like the Chameleons, if for no more reason than Rodaughan didn’t fall b

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