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Now Available:
An eclectic collection of 28 stories, all written during the 2020 quarantine.
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Now Available!

I've just been included in Faith Jones' collection of stories written during the recent Covid-19 quarantine. The work of twenty-seven authors is represented here, so there's something for everyone.

As editor Faith Jones says, “The stories are not about the virus itself but represent a broad range of genres and subjects, such as humor, drama, science fiction, thrillers, fantasy, heroes, mysteries of the paranormal, and supernatural horror.” The supernatural horror is mine.


My contribution, “Blood Curse”, is a new story from my upcoming Dracula reboot, featuring the Countess Elizabeth Báthory dealing with a brand new monster—one that she created!


Check it out here on Amazon.

And look for a special Easter Egg at the end of the book!

You can Contact me here or read my Blog--including reviews of other folks' books--and everything that doesn't fit somewhere else.   Available at the links below!

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