Intrigue in a Finishing School

“Lucy Wickshire” by Mfonemana Uduak, 2018 The author is a Nigerian woman. Having read the Nigeria-based horror stories of Nuzo Onoh, I was expecting a similar setting. I was in for a surprise when I found myself reading about a spoiled and pampered heiress sent off to a finishing school, surrounded by servants to wait on her every need. While the setting is fantasy (complete with a map of fictitious realms), the book could be set in Victorian England without much change. This book has plots and schemes worthy of the Game of Thrones series. Every character is up to something and no one is safe. There's the ailing king (ala Shakespeare's Henry IV) and a scheming queen (Lady Macbeth?) and a sec

Thoughts on a Dark Universe

My friend, Lisa Binion, was kind enough to share some of my thoughts on higher physics at her website. Wait. A horror writer has something to say about physics?? Yes, a little. Perhaps you will pick up the connection after clicking here:

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