Vampires in the Shadows

“A SUBTLE AGENCY” BOOK 1: THE METAFRAME WAR by Graeme Rodaughan Like Brian Lumley’s “Necroscope” series, “Metaframe” is a spy thriller with vampires. Here, the vampires’ agents employ state-of-the-art tracking devices, civil information-gathering, electronic forgery, and a small army of state-authorized operatives to track down our hero, Anton Smith. I can totally get into modern-day vampires utilizing all these resources. Chapter 1 begins with a cavalcade of names and characters listed and no way to keep track of them. We are told about Chloe, Marcus, Cornelius and his five generals, Anna, William, Anton, Arthur, James, Louise, Jean Philippe, along with mention of an Order and a Dominion

Ain't Love Grand?

Love is not always a good thing. Sometimes it is a horrific thing. There's the new mom who loves her baby so much that she squeezes it to death. There's possessive love that leads to insane jealousy. There's the love that makes you protect your loved one at all costs, even murdering anyone you perceive as a threat to your beloved. And now, there is the all-encompassing desire for love—even if you know that the relationship must end in savage murder. “Road of Bones” is the story of a serial killer, a man named Xander who kills for love. He deeply loves every woman he kills and he kills her to keep his greatest love, that of the demoness who demands these sacrifices. OK, that's freaky. Bu

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