The LEGEND OF DRACULA Trilogy was originally written as a single book.  However, when I realized it topped a quarter of a million words, I knew it would need to be carved into three parts.


But rather than simply dividing the stories chronologically, I opted to divide the book thematically.  Thus, “Vampire Wars” is about Dracula's rise to the throne of the King of the Undead.  “Brides of Dracula” is about the many powerful countesses in his harem, especially Erzsébet Báthory and Mircalla Karnstein.  And “Dracula Arisen” details the origin of Dracula, from his life as Vlad the Impaler, his resurrection, and then leads right up to the events of Bram Stoker's novel.


However, for readers who want to read the stories in chronological order, I here present a list of my Dracula stories in the order they occur.  I have also added my LEGEND OF FRANKENSTEIN and GHOULS AMONGST US books to this list.  Following the name of the story is the approximate date of the principle events and the volume in which the story appears.


VW:  Vampire Wars

BOD:  Brides of Dracula

DA:  Dracula Arisen

NOF:  The Nightmare of Frankenstein

MOW:  Monster of the World

MOE:  Monster of the East

FvM:  Frankenstein Versus the Martians

GAU: Ghouls Amongst Us

HK: Hugo Krantz

K&E: Krantz and Edgar


“The Delving (c. 20,000 bce) GAU

     The origin of the goblins.

THE KING KULL STORIES (c. 18,000 bce)

     by Robert E. Howard

“Rise of the Changelings (13,495-13,480 bce) GAU

     A goblin chief learns of a secret plan to eliminate his people.

“The Imp (13,490-80 bce) GAU

     A ranger raises a foundling.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS (13,480 bce)

     by J.R.R. Tolkien


     by Robert E. Howard

“Ghazar and the Siege of Orghul (c. 150 ce) GAU

     A refugee ogre plants the seed of empire.

“Croaked (777 ce) GAU

     A renegade ogre finds refuge in a nest of vampires.

“Ghob Ascendant (1140-47) GAU

     The rise of a great ogre king in historical times.

“Windfall (the Middle Ages) GAU

     Ghouls find more corpses than they can eat.

“The Scholomance” (1448) DA

     The Devil has a son.

“Devil’s Bargain” (1462) DA

     Vlad Tepes meets a Gypsy fortune teller.

“Broken and Put Together Wrong (1481) GAU

     The son of Ghob makes his mark in the world.

“The Fall of Ghob (1482-1525) GAU

     King Ghob bites off more than he can chew.

“Faust and the Devil” (1525-48) DA

     The sorcerer Dr. Faust brings Vlad Dracula back from the dead

“The Curse of the Frankensteins (1531)

     Dracula and Faust cause mischief.  Note: This tale does not yet appear in any of the published books.

“The Homecoming” (1545) VW

     Dracula meets his enemies.

“The Kingdom of the Night” (1546-47) VW

     The vampire wars begin.

“Vampires and Werewolves and Demons, Oh My!” (1546, 1570) DA

     Faust lectures Dracula.

“False Flames” (1549) VW

     Dracula attempts an alliance with the vampiress Nycea.

“Daughters of Dracula” (1553-54) VW

     Dracula increases his fold.

“The Boogeyman” (1555) VW

     Dracula battles Torbalan.

“The Hunt for Vardalekos” (1563) VW

     Dracula and Lorenzo fight Vardalekos.

“Terrible People” (1569) DA

     Dracula meets Ivan.

“The Side of the Road” (1570) DA

     Dracula gets dumped.

“Family Ties” (1548-74) BOD

     Dracula accomplishes nothing.

“The Skgany Pact” (1551) VW

     Gypsies deal with Dracula.

“The Ends of the Earth” (1578) VW

     In Burma, Dracula attempts an alliance with the Tiger-Men.

“The Second Colony (1587) GAU

     Settlers find a new world is inhabited by hostiles.

“The Vampire Queen” (1590, 1630) VW

     Lilith pays Dracula a visit.

“Katya and the Basilisk” (1591) BOD

     Dracula seduces Katya and creates a big snake.

“Horror in Little Russia” (1592) VW

     Dracula meets the Viy.

“The Blood Countess” (1595) BOD

     Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory form an alliance.

“The Top of the World” (1624) VW

     Dracula attempts to ambush Chi You in the Himalayas.

“Immortal Love” (1637) BOD

     A fairy tale of Dracula

A Slice of the Pie (1657) DA

    The pitfalls of bargaining with Dracula.

“That Which is Mine” (1665) DA

     Dracula and Gretchen search for his lost sword.

“The Tale of the Lamia” (1670) VW

     Dracula wages war against Nycea.

“The Golden Talons of the Kiang-Shi” (1672) VW

     Dracula allies with the White Peacock.

“Change is Good (1673-86) HK

     The origin of Hugo.

“Lord of the Rakshasas” (1682) VW

     Erlik and Paranasabari ally against Mmbyu.

“The Count and I” (1687-95) HK

     Hugo makes a friend.

“Julie and I (1694-95) HK

     Hugo and the opera singer.

“Krantz in Love (1698) HK

     Hugo at the soiree.

“For the Love of Mircalla” (1698) BOD

     Dracula and Elizabeth seduce Mircalla.

“Matters of Life and Death (1710) HK

     Hugo becomes the assistant of a mad scientist.

Krantz in Egypt (1717) HK

     Escaping from Barbary pirates, Hugo takes to plundering tombs.

“The Return of Dr. Chillingworth (1724) HK

     Hugo and Chillingworth attempt to raise the dead.

“The Witch Trial (1729) HK

     Hugo witnesses justice gone mad.

"The Return of Set" (1730) VW

    Dracula must stop a cult from reviving an ancient vampire lord.

“Conversations Over Wine (1740) HK

     Hugo tells stories.

“The Werewolf Hunt (1742) HK

     In Averoigne, Hugo bites off more than he can chew.

“Our Dream Home (1743) HK

     Hugo and his bride run afoul of the ghoul-king.

"The Old Gods" (1752) VW

    Dracula and Lorenzo study archeology.

“Half a Monster” (1755) DA

     Dracula’s son turns against him.

“The Lost Lenore” (1757-95) BOD

     Dracula seduces Lenore.

“Necrologia” (1764) DA

     Dracula goes book-hunting.

“The Loves of Miranda” (1767-85)  K&E

     The tale of Hugo's daughter

“Victor” (1781-95) NOF

     How a little boy came to create a Monster.

“FRANKENSTEIN” (1795-99)

     By Mary Shelley

“Life With the Frumps” (1795)  K&E

     Hugo's in-laws

“What We Do For Friends” (1799-1803) NOF

     The Monster returns!

“The Fangs of Nycea” (1799) VW

     Dracula and Nycea have it out once and for all.

“Erlik on the Run” (1801) VW

     Dracula chases Erlik across Arabia.

“Die Grafin” (1801) BOD

      Dracula and Mircalla seduce Ulrica.

“The Mentor” (1804-16) NOF

     The Monster searches for Frankenstein's teachers.

“All About Edgar” (1815-1829)  K&E

     Hugo gains a nephew

“The Return of the Illuminati” (1816-18) NOF

     The Monster follows Frankenstein's footsteps.

“Outcasts Together” (1818-19) NOF

     The Monster joins the circus.

“I Find Myself Famous” (1823) NOF

     The Monster finds his creator.

“Vampire Hunting in the Balkans” (1825) DA

     Baron Vordenburg meets Baron Latos.

“Bits and Pieces” (1825-26) NOF

     The Monster meets a mad scientist.

“The Mad Woman of Rouen” (1830) NOF

     The Monster seeks a mate.

“The Second Mrs. Panderley” (1830-1831)  K&E

     Romance in Kent

“Witchcraft in the Swamp” (1833)  K&E

     Hugo and Edgar encounter a war of the witches

“Mad Science” (1837) NOF

     Yet another mad scientist.

“The Sporting Life” (1837)  K&E

     The hunt begins!

“Mad Sorcery” (1838-44) NOF

     Alchemy and the Monster.

“The Hospital” (1840)  K&E

     A doctor's crusade

“Lenore and the Ghouls” (1820-45) BOD

     Lenore meets Krantz & Edgar.

“The Village” (1844)  K&E

     Sacrificial lambs

“The Collectors” (1845) NOF

     The Monster is captured!

“The Circus of Freaks” (1847-48) MOW

     The Monster meets Madame Boogala!

“Hunter’s Legacy” (1848) DA

     Vordenburg hunts for Dracula.

“Secrets From the Tomb” (1854) MOW

     The Monster finds himself imprisoned with the Pharaohs.

“Thrown Together” (1861) MOW

     A huckster finds the real thing.

“The Shadow Over Paris” (1863) MOW

     The Monster encounters a phantom.

“The Karnstein Blood” (1851-63) BOD

     Mircalla plans to seduce Laura.

“CARMILLA” (1863)

     By Sheridan Lefanu

“A New World” (1866) MOW

     The Monster comes to America, only to discover madness in Arkham, Massachusetts.

“A Phonograph Recording” (1870) MOW

     A tale of vengeance from the swamps.

“Laura's Tale” (1871) BOD

     Laura reminisces about Carmilla.

“The Breaking” (1871) VW

     Dracula revolts!

“Kingdom of the Sewers (1871) GAU

     A wolf is not the most dangerous hunter in the streets of Paris.

“Eight Feet of Trouble” (1874) MOW

     The Monster in the Old West.

“The Trouble with Vampire Girls” (1875) BOD

     Dracula turns Mara and Anica.

“The Cult of the Barbary Coast” (1876) MOE

     The Monster in Old San Francisco.

“Beyond Cathay" (1878-80) MOE

     The Monster seeks a cannibal cult in the hinterlands of China and Tibet.

“Out of Cathay” (1881-81) MOE

     The Monster gets an honest job.

“The Founding of an Empire” (1883-90) MOE

     The Monster makes a deal.

“Revival” (1888) BOD

     A mad killer attempts to revive an undead monster.

“Houseguests” (1890) DA

     Dracula awaits Jonathan Harker.

“DRACULA” (1890)

     By Bram Stoker

“Reborn” (1890/98) DA

     Dracula meets his doom… or so it would seem.

“The Evil Doctor” (1893) MOE

     Even Monsters can look tame compared to humans.

“Death From Above” (1898) FvM

     In the Arctic, the Monster battles Martians.


     by H.G. Wells

“Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume?” (1898) FvM

     The Monster meets his creator's descendant.

“Death on the Steppes” (1908) FvM

     The Monster finds a big hole in the ground.

“What Price Immortality? (1909) FvM

     Dr. Munoz treats the Monster.

“Chasing Phantoms” (1912) FvM

     Action amid the sewers and rooftops of Paris!

“The Voyage of the Vigilance” (1913) FvM

     Steampunk adventure and intrigue in the skies!

“As I Remember It” (1908-13) FvM

     The Monster reflects on his past.

“My Friend, the Professor” (1913) FvM

     The Monster befriends the famous Professor Challenger.

“Memories of Martians” (1913) FvM

     The Monster learns the truth.


     of HP Lovecraft

“Pizza Boy (1995) GAU

     This job could be the death of you.

“Glory in Death (2007) GAU

     A civilian translator in Iraq discovers a lost civilization.

“When Arise the Dead (c. 2021) GAU

     The zombie apocalypse comes to Arkham.