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The years from 1898 to 1913 were known as the Victorian era, the Edwardian era.  Sure, many things happened, but nothing major, like a world war.  That came afterwards, right?  Well, maybe more happened than you know.  Maybe our entire world was reduced to ruin.  And maybe, no one remembers.

What happens when Mary Shelley's Monster of Frankenstein encounters the Martians from HG Wells' “War of the Worlds”?  Will he battle the alien invaders?  Will he join them, hoping to become their leader?  Will he hide and wait for a victor to emerge?  Will he even remember that it happened?  And what could possibly bring out the truth?


Today, no schoolbook teaches of the greatest calamity to strike mankind in our million-year history.  No one recalls it except as a fantasy.  But two unique men do remember, each in different ways.  Only through them, can the Monster discover what really happened.


Book V coming soon!






The Monster faces an enemy bent on conquering the world!  To defeat them, he must ally himself with his greatest enemy--Frankenstein!

In this book the Monster will encounter Professor Challenger, Dr. Silence, Count Dracula, Dr. Munoz, Fantomas, Captain Mors, and ALIENS FROM MARS!



(From the Journal of Dr. Vincent Frankenstein)

     5 Sept.  Shortly after midnight.  It is done, God help us all.

     Arabella insisted on being present.  She also insisted that Mrs. Zelk remain upstairs with the baby.  Sweet Arabella, so concerned for the baby.

     I had Arabella suit up the same as the men and I, with smock, goggles, and gloves of India rubber.  I also fitted a pair of goggles on the girl—I think her name was Maria or Greta—I don't remember her name.

     I assured the girl that she was to play an important role in the fight against the Martian invaders, but still she struggled against the ropes that held her to the chair.  I'm afraid she never understood what was happening, but I promised her five gold crowns when it was all over.  God!

     The dissecting table had been removed and the crate opened and set in its place, next to the girl's chair.  To the crate which Viorel and his lot brought from the east, I connected a pair of wires from the generator, which Kwang was to operate.  I operated the blood transfusion pump, after inserting one end of the rubber tube into the girl's bare arm.  Drusilla?  Was that her name?

     A storm thundered over Castle Frankenstein.  The forced-induction generators could provide sufficient power by themselves, but the storm would save precious petrol.  I ordered Vletch to crank the winch which raised the lightning rods into the sky over the tower.  Everything was perfect.

     Arabella insisted that the operation begin, not only after sunset, but after the moon arose.  This was, no doubt, due to some folklore prevalent amongst the Hungarians.  She can be quite superstitious at times, but what’s the harm in humoring her?

     I attached the other end of the transfusion tube into the dusty soil of the crate.  At that moment it seemed foolishness—and now I know it to be madness!

     No.  I mustn't be judgmental like some peasant.  There is a science here that I simply fail to understand.  There has been no research or very little.  When this is all over I must look further into the matter.

     I connected the electrodes to the left and right of the box of soil.  Arabella dutifully watched my every move.  How I wished my first wife had shown such interest in my work.  Or do I?

     The lightning rods were struck, bringing the batteries to a full charge.  I had Kwang operate the pump, transfusing the girl's blood onto the soil of the open crate.  It flowed out, creating a red mud.  She cried out but Arabella stopped her mouth.

     Lastly, I threw the switch, discharging the batteries into the soil.  Sparks flew and we all pulled back.  The girl screamed.  Curiously, she screamed at something across the room.

     And then I turned and saw the Monster, hunched down, framed in the iron doorway.  His eyes reflected the flashes of electricity.

     I had no time for him.  I looked back at the electrified—and bloody—soil.  Something was happening there—a subtle movement.  The soil began to shift itself into a form… the form of a skeleton.

     The Monster was then behind me.  “What is this, Frankenstein?” he demanded, “What is this procedure that thou seekest to keep from my eyes?”

     I was about to speak, but then Vletch gasped and my attention returned to the crate.  Unbelievably, I saw the skeleton begin to raise its dead hand.  Before our eyes, flesh began to form on the bone.  Smoke arose from where the electrodes were connected.

     Arabella rushed to my side.  “You're killing him!  You must stop!”

     I struggled with her a moment to keep her from interfering.  Then the gaunt horror began to rise.  It was still skeletal but I began to discern features, a hooked nose, a pointed chin, and red eyes that glowed...

     “Dracula!” the Monster snarled with unmitigated hatred.


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