From the dawn of time they come.


They are a race hidden in the depths and the darkness.  They are Goblins, the feasters of the Dead.


Once they waged war against mankind by the millions.  Defeated, they retreated into their subterranean world... but survived.


They survived by mating with humans, creating hybrid races: first the Ogres and then the Ghouls.  Every generation is more human than the previous... yet still hungering for flesh.


Even to this day, there are GHOULS AMONGST US!

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In these fourteen stories, you will see the origin of these inhuman creatures and you will follow them through time.  Here Ogres and Goblins will wage war, fought with sword and with magic.  The Ogre chieftain Ghazar will turn to sorcery to wage his battles.  Krokol will become enthralled by the Undead.  And King Gob will forge an empire of the Night.

Centuries pass and ghouls become more human.  Meet monsters like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Phantom of the Opera.  And in the modern day you will see ghouls become our saviors.

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Meet Hugo Krantz, scholar, businessman, bon vivant, and devourer of human flesh.  Born a monster, Hugo studies other monsters and he searches the world to find them.  And really, what could go wrong with that?

In these eleven stories, Hugo will encounter other ghouls, diabolical noblemen, sword-wielding actresses, and vampires.  He will plunder ancient Egyptian tombs and attempt to revive the dead using the latest tools of science.  And with all this going on, can he find love?


More horror and whimsy from the pen of Perry Lake as the GHOULS AMONGST US series continues!  Read HUGO KRANTZ today!

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Introducing Hugo Krantz's nephew, Edgar!


Book 3 of the GOBLINS & GHOULS series shows us the evil little scamp, from when he's left an orphan till he joins Hugo's monster-hunting enterprise! See the Demon-Barber, Sweeney Todd! His evil companion, Mrs. Lovett! The immortal Voodoo-Queen, Marie Laveau! All together in one book! Plus Edgar Frump—he'll steal your heart.

And eat it.


More horror and whimsy from the pen of Perry Lake as the GHOULS AMONGST US series continues!  Read KRANTZ & EDGAR today!