Apocalypse Clean-Up

“BURN THE DEAD II: PURGE” by Steven Jenkins (2015) In the near future, you'll go to the Cleaners. If you're a zombie. Cleaners are those folks that do a dirty job: they clean up the mess made by the zombie apocalypse. If a zombie is running, er lumbering, around your neighborhood, these are the people you're gonna call. Our heroine is Catherine Woods, latest member of the Cleaners. There’s mention of the other Cleaners resenting her for being the first rose amongst the thorns, but not a lot is shown. In fact, it comes across more like Catherine’s imaginings. There are moments of action and real danger, but plucky Catherine pulls through every time. In fact, despite the yuckiness factor

Dracula Author Interviewed by Werewolf Author!

NEWS FLASH! Today I'm featured in an interview on author Mercedes Fox's website. Go to https://mercedesfoxbooks.com/meet-author-perry-lake/ for more details! And check out Mercedes' series of cool werewolf stories!

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