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The Science of Death

CORONER AT LARGE by Thomas T. Noguchi, MD, with Joseph Di Mona (1985)

Dr. Noguchi, once known as the “Coroner to the Stars”, followed up his autobiography with a book on high-profile cases he never worked on professionally. He was a consultant on some of these cases, like the trial of Claus von Bulow and others. In some of the cases on which he offers opinions, including Rasputin and Jack the Ripper, Noguchi wasn't even born yet.

The book, written mostly by Di Mona, based on Noguchi's opinions, is a fast and entertaining read. One of the main themes of the book is the need for forensic scientists to make their findings clear and understandable to juries. Or, in this case, readers.

Certainly, “Coroner At Large” is a quick and easy book to read and the cases are fascinating. And for those squeamish about autopsies and such, don't worry; the book is written for the layman with relatively few graphic details.

5 stars

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