The Best Book of the 2000s

September 7, 2015


by Michael Chabon


I read this book some years ago and loved it.  But then, I was a comic book artist and writer for years and I can relate to the characters, their creativity, their battles, and all the factors this book touches on.  I'm also a WWII buff, so that was a plus.  A hint of Lovecraft didn't hurt either.


First and foremost, though, I am a fan of horror.  And while K&C is not a horror story, it does give us the Golem of Prague and a unique interpretation of the legend.  We are left with a mystery at the end, concerning the final fate of the Golem.


Actually, the ending is the one thing I do not like about this book.  The book doesn't end--it just stops.  Was Chabon leaving things open for a sequel?  It's the only flaw in an otherwise amazing book.

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