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Lost in the Middle of a Series

"THE BEAST" The Decker/Lazarus Series

by Faye Kellerman, 2013

I almost didn't finish this book. About a fifth of the way in, I was utterly convinced I knew who the killer was and the motive. But I was a little vague on the exact means so I decided to finish reading the book.

I almost wish I hadn't read the rest of the book, though. Despite being well-written, with an engaging plot, and appealing characters, the book is just a single chapter of an on-going series. Kellerman has been writing about these characters and the events of their lives for several books. Being new to the series, I frequently found myself lost with the subplot about Lt. Decker's adopted son and his girlfriend (interestingly enough, an Iranian Jew), and the aftermath of the previous book's adventure. Frankly, I just ignored most of that and focused on the murder of the old millionaire recluse.

Well, my deduction was wrong. I had guessed the wrong person and the wrong motive. But only because Faye Kellerman's mind is not as dirty as mine.

3 stars.

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