July 13, 2020

“Writers in Lockdown”

Edited by Faith Jones, 2020

(Confession: I'm one of the authors listed herein. My review is about the other stories in the book.)

“Lockdown” has something for everyone, ranging from sword & sorcery to science-fiction, from horror to humor, and from f...

July 12, 2017

“Demon Bringer”

Book 1 of the Darkshield series, 2015

by Kathe Todd

Young Adara strikes out for the wide world in search of revenge on the evil wizard whose minions murdered her parents as a child.  Along the way she meets Ferdyn, an adventurer.  Immediately, feelings of...

March 5, 2017

“The Days of Chivalry; Or, The Legend of Croquemitaine”

written by Ernst L'Epine, 1863

translated by Tom Hood, 1866

illustrated by Gustave Doré

“The Days of Chivalry; Or, the Legend of Croquemitaine”

Written by Ernst L'Epine, 1863

Translated by Tom Hood, 1866

Illustrated by G...