July 3, 2020

“From the Stars... A Vampiress”

by Steven A. Roman, 2020

A big Vampirella fan since I was a child (some would say I was too young to be seeing such things), I dove right into this authoritative book about the most famous of female vampires. Yeah, take that, Carmilla.


December 24, 2018

My friend, Lisa Binion, was kind enough to share some of my thoughts on higher physics at her website.

Wait.  A horror writer has something to say about physics??  Yes, a little.  Perhaps you will pick up the connection after clicking here:  http://lisaswritopia.com/a-d...

November 10, 2018

Yes, I am a survivor of the 11/8/2018 Paradise fire. I got out of town with my laptop and all of my books in electronic form.  And... not much else.

Winds gusting from 30 to 60 mph downed power lines and the resulting sparks started a fire.  The raging winds spread the...

February 14, 2018


by Linda Meilink, 2010

This book is insightful and informative about the mysterious ailment known as fibromyalgia.  No one knows what causes it, and the medical establishment is guessing how to treat it.

(No, I don't have...

January 14, 2018


by Christopher Frayling

At first, upon receiving this book as a Christmas gift from my good friend Brent Richardson, I thought this would be a pretty coffee table book, but without much depth.  Oh, was I wrong.

True, this is a la...

December 19, 2017