August 29, 2019

“The Vampire Countess”

by Paul Féval c. 1855

Translation by Brian Stableford, c. 2003

Early in 1804, the salons and dram houses of Paris teem with conspirators against Napoleon Bonaparte—some desiring revenge, some hoping to prevent him from becoming emperor. Against this...

March 5, 2017

“The Days of Chivalry; Or, The Legend of Croquemitaine”

written by Ernst L'Epine, 1863

translated by Tom Hood, 1866

illustrated by Gustave Doré

“The Days of Chivalry; Or, the Legend of Croquemitaine”

Written by Ernst L'Epine, 1863

Translated by Tom Hood, 1866

Illustrated by G...

December 26, 2016


by Tony-Paul de Vissage, 2016

The Absinthe of the title is not the famous liquor, but a character.  And here the Green Fairy is male, a green-eyed addiction summoned by Voodoo.  Perhaps here de Vissage is interpreting the word fairy in the modern vernacular....

June 26, 2016


by Eden Royce, 2015

Many novels, especially horror novels, I find, are over-written and padded.  That's one reason I prefer short stories.  That way, when the author has written everything she needs to write, she stops.  Or more correctly, she moves on to...

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