November 21, 2016

“Variation on the Theme of Man”

by Toni V. Sweeney, 2014

This is a work of science-fiction, set hundreds of years in the future, in which humans have traveled into space and rub shoulders with dozens of alien races.  As such, it seems jarring that the hero of the tale, g...

November 21, 2016

How Are Conscientious Objectors Treated in the Future?

Allan McAllister is a paxist in a world at war, what we today would term a conscientious objector.  His uncle Egan Rand is the leader of a movement protesting the current war in which the UTF—the United Terran Feder...

November 12, 2016

“ESPER FILES—A Steampunk Superhero Series”

by Egan Brass

The book starts with a prolog, set in something resembling Victorian times, in which a grandstanding professor creates a machine that blows up.  The resulting explosion alters… something.  And as a result, twenty p...

November 10, 2016

Gilson Creek, Maine is a town with a history of lycanthropy.  A werewolf has killed before and now he’s back for more mayhem.  An early, brief scene where the hero, Sheriff Joe Fischer, recollects the history of the town’s old, abandoned cemetery is quite effective and...

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