June 29, 2016


by Tony-Paul de Vissage, 2011

Rustic hicks come under the threat of the dreaded dearg-due, the Irish Undead, in de Vissage's novelette, as the village of Ballywalegh finds a vampire in their midst.  Or is he?

The hero, Seamus Flannery, is a no-nonse...

June 26, 2016


by Eden Royce, 2015

Many novels, especially horror novels, I find, are over-written and padded.  That's one reason I prefer short stories.  That way, when the author has written everything she needs to write, she stops.  Or more correctly, she moves on to...

June 23, 2016

Unlike any other genre, horror touches upon the Cosmic.  The totality of the Cosmos is unseen and so are the best monsters of horror.  Until it's too late.

Horror deals with creation (Frankenstein) and resurrection (Dracula).  It deals with the end of the world (Ca...

June 21, 2016


by Robert E. Krieg, 2016

After the frightful discovery of a mutilated corpse, the village of Woodmyst comes under the threat of shadowy figures.  The ante is upped as nights pass.  Their enemy is a master of the dark, luring victims outside and fe...

June 13, 2016


by Nuzo Onoh, 2016

Having read Onoh's earlier UNHALLOWED GRAVES, I was anxious for more of her tales of African horror. And once again, the message is, stay the hell out of Africa. Especially at night!

In Onoh's Africa, husbands are tyrants and bullies; wo...

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