July 20, 2020

“The Villa”

by M. Warnasuriya, 2020

The book starts with a relaxed pace and maintains it throughout. Our heroes, Susan and Jason, are just the nicest people. He's a doctor and she's a housewife. We get to follow them through their many domestic activities. The strongest...

July 13, 2020

“Writers in Lockdown”

Edited by Faith Jones, 2020

(Confession: I'm one of the authors listed herein. My review is about the other stories in the book.)

“Lockdown” has something for everyone, ranging from sword & sorcery to science-fiction, from horror to humor, and from f...

July 3, 2020

“From the Stars... A Vampiress”

by Steven A. Roman, 2020

A big Vampirella fan since I was a child (some would say I was too young to be seeing such things), I dove right into this authoritative book about the most famous of female vampires. Yeah, take that, Carmilla.


April 26, 2020

“Pandora Reborn”

by John Coon, 2018

In the edition I read, there are periodic formatting problems, causing paragraphs to get scrunched. It's annoying, but not so bad as to ruin the book. I mentioned this to the author, and he said he's working to fix it.

“Pandora” reads w...