Cthulhu Went Down to Georgia

“A Bit of the Dark World” by Toni V. Sweeney, 2014 This is a tale of Lovecraftian horror... and romance?? Lisa awakes in the hospital after a terrible accident that takes the life of her husband. Now she has two saviors: millionaire Drexl von Dorff who pulled her from the accident and Dr. Daniel Walker, the physician who heals her body. But which man will heal her heart? And what manner of nameless horror will attempt to steal her unborn child?! Now as a longtime fan of cosmic horror, I enjoy the mystery of an isolated family on a secluded island and the hints of monstrous entities older than the Earth itself. But like most fans of the Cthulhu Mythos, I have no use for romance novels. Not

Jeremy Higley Interview

We've decided to try something different. Today we're talking with author Jeremy Higley, a fellow California-born author who has written his first novel, The Son of Dark (Book 1 of The Darksome Thorn). It’s a Sword & Sorcery adventure featuring a character named Skel in the magical land of Duskain. 1. Thank you for speaking with us today, Jeremy. I'm a longtime fan of Sword & Sorcery, so I'm eager to hear more about your upcoming novel, The Son of Dark (Book 1 of The Darksome Thorn). Tell us more. Sure! I started writing The Son of Dark during my senior year of college. It took me about three years to finish. Now that it's done, I still struggle to summarize the story properly without feeli

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