There's Feudin' in Them Thar Hills

“NO FOOL'S GOLD” by Jack Petersen, 2015 Nominally a sequel to Petersen's “Gold Camp”, this is the tale of an old time gold miner, up in the hills for years, trying to find that lucky strike. However, he's doing this in the present day. Zeb Bartholomew is a throwback to an earlier era, when lone prospectors eked out a living up in the hills, only laying eyes on civilization once or twice a year. But the times they are a-changing, and modern mining corporations, with satellite technology, see just how valuable Zeb's claim is. And they want it for themselves. I thought a better explanation could be given for the legal difference between owning a piece of land and having a claim to it. A min

New Frankenstein Cover!

I just received the new cover for THE NIGHTMARE OF FRANKENSTEIN, illustrated by the talented Wayne Miller. Look for a new, updated edition from Double Dragon Publishing!

The Countess Has Spoken

I've just received a very charming review for my BRIDES OF DRACULA from another lovely lady of the Darkness. To see the Countess Drusilla's opinion of my work, follow this link:

Lovers on the Run

“GOLD CAMP by Jack Petersen, 2013 Although set in the present-day, this book is a Western. It starts out in Nevada, where the locals like to rope their dinner, and consuming alcohol is the prime goal in life. More important, it feels like a Western, with honest men using their straight-forwardness and not much brainpower to stand up for what's right. But our hero, Dirk Lang, has a brain. He's a geologist working for a neglected gold mine in the middle of nowhere. He lives in a trailer, has no one to share his life, and guzzles beer to forget his troubles. But those troubles seem plenty minor when a pair of FBI men starts asking about millions of dollars of missing gold and a couple dead

Crime Spree in Berkeley

“LAST STRAW” by David Rheem Jarrett Tom Pickering is a tough, middle-aged man with a philandering wife and a broken tooth. He uses a gun to get rid of the philandering wife. The tooth stays. Tom (and the reader) only knows that the wife philanders because we jump for the only time in the novel into her head just before that head is scrambled by Tom’s bullet. That feels like cheating, especially since we later get confirmation of her affair via her lover. Pickering's motive for killing his wife is that she is maybe sleeping around AND she might take half his money in a divorce settlement. Maybe that's wrong, but at least we can see he has self-preservation in mind. His motivation to kill

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