Mayhem Under the Moon

“FRENZY” by Pike Stephenson, 2016 There's a monster killing child murderers, gun-toting thugs, and rapists. Kinda makes us root for the monster, doesn't it? Our hero, Detective Kyle Poole, is tasked with solving the mystery of who is killing the suspects in his murder investigations. But as he gets closer, he finds himself the killer's prime target. And worst of all, the killer has no desire to kill Poole; only to ruin his life. Also on the case is Hal Dixon, ex-military sniper and/or assassin. He's also looking for the same killer. But he has an advantage over Poole; he knows what he's hunting for. This is a fast-paced, gritty story, with interesting, well-drawn characters. Mind you,

A Battle for the Soul

“THE DEVIL AND THE UNICORN” by Haydn Jones, 2015 I must say, not knowing what the story was about, and after reading ten pages of murder and domestic life in the English countryside, it was wild to find myself casually dropped into a work of fantasy reminiscent of Doctor Who. But that's no complaint. Curiously, the heroine Alice seems to take this revelation in stride, almost as if she forgets about it as soon as she sees it. She pays more attention when she realizes there's devilment afoot. The big bad in this story is the Devil himself, old Scratch. This is pure Christian Mythos, and shows the kind of belief in demons and witch cults that got thousands of people burned at the stake duri

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