Fun With Dead Things

“NECROSCOPE” by Brian Lumley, 1986 I read half a dozen books by Brian Lumley in the early eighties, all on Lovecraftean themes. These included the Titus Crow and Borea adventures. I remember loving them. Then Lumley turned to new material, his Necroscope series. This was more original than expanding on Lovecraft's themes, perhaps, but it wasn't what I was looking for at the time so I set them aside to collect dust. Recently, due to a Goodreads buddy read, I decided to give them a go. The prolog of this first book is seriously boring. Chapter 1 has its dramatic moments, but the book really only catches the reader's attention at Chapter 2 when we are introduced to young Harry Keogh, the h

See my Guest Blog on BAD MOON ON THE RISE!

Today I'm featured on Teri Polen's blog, Books & Such. All this month, Teri is running Halloween-themed blogs under the BAD MOON ON THE RISE banner, and I'm number 8. Check it out here: And check out all the other great authors, all this month. #NightmareOfFrankenstein

See my FRANKENSTEIN on BookDaily!

Today, my book, "The Nightmare of Frankenstein" is featured on BookDaily. Check it out at: And tomorrow I'll be on Teri Polen's BOOKS & SUCH blog, "Bad Moon On the Rise". See it here:

The Science of Death

CORONER AT LARGE by Thomas T. Noguchi, MD, with Joseph Di Mona (1985) Dr. Noguchi, once known as the “Coroner to the Stars”, followed up his autobiography with a book on high-profile cases he never worked on professionally. He was a consultant on some of these cases, like the trial of Claus von Bulow and others. In some of the cases on which he offers opinions, including Rasputin and Jack the Ripper, Noguchi wasn't even born yet. The book, written mostly by Di Mona, based on Noguchi's opinions, is a fast and entertaining read. One of the main themes of the book is the need for forensic scientists to make their findings clear and understandable to juries. Or, in this case, readers. Certa

Teri Polen's Halloween Blog Begins!

Yes, today a new series of horror-related blogs begin on Teri Polen's Wordpress site. Expect a new post every day. My blog is scheduled to appear on October 8! Look here for the first post:

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