Teen Vampire Love

BLOOD LEGACY: COVENANTS by Marva Mitchell This book begins prosaically enough, with heroine Jade meeting an interesting guy, Lance, at the carnival. Their mutual friends, Lilly and Brian, are also smitten at first sight. But after a gypsy fortuneteller sees their future, the menace grows. Lance's friend, Brian, is secretly a member of the Order of the Guardians, a group of vampire hunters. Their enemies are the Drakkus, a group of vampires bent on turning Lance into one of them because of his ancestry. When all of this is made known to Jade, Lilly, and Lance, feelings are hurt and the friends go their separate ways—to disaster. When Jade's best friend is apparently killed and her mother k

The Aventurieri Series Continues

SHADOW PLAYERS Book Two of the Second Species series by Tony-Paul de Vissage Marek Strigoi is back from Hell and he's out for revenge! Well, kinda. In Part two of a nine-part series, Marek has certainly escaped from a kind of vampire hell. In this Hell, furies would bite off his dick, then let it grow back, only to bite it off again. OK, that's amusing. But in this book, just like the last book in this series, Marek is complacent about his revenge. After finding himself in Paris in 1968, Marek spends a full half of the book just getting familiarized with the 20th Century. Only then does he meet his family again. There are several humorous bits with Marek experiencing technology shock a

A British Mystery

THE JOURNAL OF HARRY SOMERVILLE by Haydn Jones This book starts a little slow, but within a few brief chapters a twenty-year old mystery is revealed. It will take another ten years to solve it. There's a dark mystery in the English countryside and a young transient named Luke must search through the past and the present to uncover the man who wronged both him as well as his only friend. The book consists of numerous short chapters and it hops to and from different time periods. But this is intended, and adds to the mystery. Luke and the other characters are sympathetic and likable and you care what happens to them. About three-quarters of the way in, the mystery seems to solve itself rath

African Curses

UNHALLOWED GRAVES by Nuzo Onoh I think I've found a small treasure. In “Unhallowed Graves”, author Onoh takes us to a new world, but this is not a work of science-fiction. Rather it is a world hidden from Western eyes; an ancient world ruled by witchcraft and superstition, by ghosts and curses. It is the 'dark continent' of Africa. In just the first few pages of the first story, “The Unclean”, the reader is transported into West Africa, 1953, a world few people today, especially women, would want to visit. It is a world where all women are subservient to all men, even little boys, and can be married off to the highest bidder without a say in the matter. It is a world of poverty and hard

The Best Book of the 2000s

StartFragment THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER & CLAY (2001) by Michael Chabon I read this book some years ago and loved it. But then, I was a comic book artist and writer for years and I can relate to the characters, their creativity, their battles, and all the factors this book touches on. I'm also a WWII buff, so that was a plus. A hint of Lovecraft didn't hurt either. First and foremost, though, I am a fan of horror. And while K&C is not a horror story, it does give us the Golem of Prague and a unique interpretation of the legend. We are left with a mystery at the end, concerning the final fate of the Golem. Actually, the ending is the one thing I do not like about this book. The

Tales of the Dead

ROTTEN BODIES by Steven Jenkins Watch out, it's lumbering your way; another collection of short horrors from Steve Jenkins. His last anthology, "Spine", covered the gamut of horror. This new book focuses on just one kind: zombies. Now zombies are not my favorite monsters. If they're supposed to be mindless, there's not a great deal you can do with the monster itself. Still, clever writers can use the subject. For instance, the TV show The Walking Dead has zombies but the stories are really about the human survivors. Jenkins gets his zombie book off to a great start. At only a few pages, it's hard to describe "I Am Dead" without giving away much, but it has a zombie lamenting his fate—and a k

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