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The Legend of DRACULA, Book II!
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Now Available!

No woman can resist Dracula—and some will love him forever!

Meet the many brides of Dracula—those seductive, inhuman beauties who serve him to spread his unnatural dominion. Feel their crimson lips gliding softly across your skin, softer than a summer’s breeze. Feel their fangs pierce your throat.

Twenty stories about the many brides of Dracula—seductive, inhuman beauties who will love you to death!


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Perry Lake lives in Northern California.  FATE Magazine, the Overstreet Monthly, Fantasy Theater, Orion’s Child, Tales of Fantasy, and the prestigious Journal of Dracula Studies, amongst other local and international publications, have presented both his fiction and non-fiction work.  He has also written and illustrated both amateur and professional comic books, and is the creator of the Cassiopeia The Witch series, which ran for over forty issues.

Mr. Lake is a lifelong devotee of world history, geography, and true tales of horror.  Inspired by the works of Bram Stoker, Sheridan LeFanu, Mary Shelley, HP Lovecraft, and countless other masters of supernatural horror, Mr. Lake brings considerable experience and authenticity to his tales of the outré and weird stuff.


“There’s been an amazing revival of interest in recent years in the classics of horror," Lake says, "New motion pictures, television shows, and sequels have appeared about Dracula, the Monster of Frankenstein, and other famous monsters.  While some of these have merit, many of these pastiches trash the original material.


“I try to take these classic characters and go in new and exciting directions, but still respecting and preserving the original.  When you read these books, I think you will agree.”

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Perry Lake is a survivor of the 11/8/2018 Paradise fire.  He escaped through the flames that engulfed a city, with his laptop and all of his books in electronic form.  Scarcely singed, he will continue to give you tales of horror and whimsy for years to come. 


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The Lake family appears in several great horror tales. In “Varney the Vampire”, the titular villain troubles the Lake family in England and a Professor Lake taught biology at the Miskatonic University, as seen in H P Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness”.  Of course, the real Perry Lake is a reservoir in Oklahoma.